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Walk In Tub AQ-3054

Hardwood Flooring Flooring Special
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Jet Massage System

6 or 10 pieces adjustable water jets. the water will revive you. Multiple and adjustable water jets allow you to customize muscle therapies.

Air Massage System

20 air jets will sooth your body and mind. The air bubble system sends thousands of warm air bubbles bouncing throughout the tub to create a soft, full-body champagne bath.


Optional Chromatherapy involves the use of light in order to create changes and achieve balance in the mental and physical states. Research has shown that color profoundly influences the emotions, causing reactions within the body and the mind.


Our sense of smell also has a profound effect upon how we feel and what we think about. Advanced in aromatherapy have helped us take advantage of this healing art. combining programs and treatment.

Dual System

for the ultimate bathing experience combining water and air. The combo massage system offers you the choice of whirlpool massage. Air spa massage or both.


keeps temperature consistent.

Ozone Water Purification

Bath water is sanitized using the natural oxidizing properties of ozone gas.

Leg Massage

Fill the bottom of the tub alone and enjoy a luxurious leg and foot massage with smoothing water jets. The bottom jets work without filling the tub all the way.

Power Drain

this feature drains the tub within a short time. generally between 30-60 second (depending on existing plumbing).

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